What I love most about writing country songs is the storytelling aspect. I always try to write lyrics and melodies that move people and make them feel the emotion of the song. It is so rewarding to me when someone can relate to my lyrics. I also have a gift for telling an artist’s story from their perspective, as if they wrote the song themselves.

So that’s what I’m about. What are you about? I’m looking forward to making new friends along my path, so I'd love to hear from you! My social media links are below.

I love life, and songwriting has always been the driving force behind the life I live! I dream of inspiring people and making the world a better place because of my music. Although I’ve been writing pop, rock, and singer/songwriter songs for most of my life, I’m most enthusiastic these days about putting my spin on country songs. To get an idea of my songwriting style, think of what the results would be if you put Dallas Davidson (one of Nashville’s most successful songwriters) in a room with Ryan Tedder (one of L.A.’s most successful songwriters). Sounds like a magical mash-up!